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Ian, Jacki, Robert, Samantha, Brook, Spencer, Susan, Mitch, Abigail, Drew
My Family would like to Welcome you to a church that has Grace at its Center. I've had the privilege of pastoring for the past 31 years. I hope we can help you in your journey with God. I know that people can feel lonely and lost, even in a church. Come and feel welcomed and loved.
Pastor Mitch Olson
Senior Pastor
Grace Ministry Center
I believe that life is full of lemons...and God put us here to give aid...together that makes "LEMON-ADE" and that is... Sweet!
The Snellenberger Family
Sonya Snellenberger
Sonya is the minister of music and worship here at Grace Ministry. She has a bachelor's degree in Music Education, her teaching certificate, and 21 master's credits in Special Education. She previously served in ministry for ten years and has six years of public school teaching experience. She loves to inspire people of all ages to worship the Lord and to pursue Him through the gift of music.
pictured top left to bottom right:
Sonya, Caremy, Isaiah, Jordan, and Gary
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Stay Connected With Us